Dreams tell more than a business profile

Johannes Kempe | Dreams

Dream 1:
A cabin by the sea

I've been going to the small surf town of Klitmøller/Denmark for 20 years now. Whenever I arrive, it feels a bit like coming home. To be able to really call this place home, I'd like to buy a small cabin by the sea and live there a few months every year.

Dream 2:
A yellow miniramp in my studio

I dream of having a miniramp in the studio, to stand up for a moment and get not only myself but also creativity rolling.

● MARCH 2021

How I outgrew myself in 9 months

Johannes Kempe | Dreams

After 9 months on sabbatical and without a laptop, things are slowly getting back on track for me. As several friends asked me if I had grown in size, I measured myself for fun. And indeed, since the end of my time at MOIA in April 2020, I’ve grown from 1.88m to 1.90m. I think that's because I've been sitting at a desk a lot less. Instead, I was lucky enough to spend most days going on hikes and doing yoga. I also surfed more than I ever have in my entire life! I’m so grateful that I was able to be in Klitmøller/Denmark and France for several months, especially at this exceptional time.

I opened my laptop again full of excitement for the creative work that lies ahead: I’m currently working on my portfolio and a new identity for the great Hamburg-based music label FerryHouse.

I wish you all a wonderful start into the new year and of course lots of health, something that one has learned to appreciate again in these times.